Soul Practice Class

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We are in a time of immense change and activation on our planet.

This energy is like a spotlight, shining on the places where our lives are not in resonance with our Soul’s calling.

As a result many are feeling lost, overwhelmed, and questioning relationships, jobs, living situations, and more.

In this workshop I will teach you about a tried and true daily practice I have been using for years. It has supported my journey of personal change and activation, and as a result I have stepped more deeply into my purpose in the world. I even wrote a book in a year using this tool!

Soul Practice will activate your body, calm your mind and deliver you to your creative flow.

Awaken to your soul's calling and connect more deeply to spirit and to your self.

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Class Investment: $33

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This powerful practice connects us with our deeper selves and our spirit guides. From there we can hear our soul's calling and step further onto our path of purpose. When we can't hear, we can't  follow the calling.


This magical formula of moving the body, stilling the mind, and diving into creativity helps to ground us. Then a sense of peace and calm, and knowing that all is well, can completely envelop us. 


Creating the lives of our dreams, and stepping into our purpose requires action. Soul Practice is a simple yet magical action step we can take as often as we like. It will keep us moving forward, step by step.

"Patricia is one of those special people that doesn’t come into my life every day. The important reminder that she consistently brings to me in her training is to attend to my inner needs so I’m my best when serving clients. Her Soul Practice moves me to a mindset of opening my emotions to release what doesn’t serve me. And after releasing what doesn’t serve me, to claim what can be & patiently move forward step-by-step."
~ Katrina


"I recently attended Patricia's Soul Practice class and loved it!! I was really intrigued when I learned that this practice helped her write a book in a year! What she taught is so aligned with what I believe -- that taking time to go inward before we do the hands on work provides the clarity and belief we need to create whatever we want. I'm excited to use this practice to tackle some bigger projects that have been on my list for too long. Thank you, Patricia!"
 ~ Terri